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Does the walker choose the path, or the path the walker?

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Mass Effect Trilogy + Cinematic Trailers

September 30 + 4749
Her Determination.
September 30 + 117
Commander Shepard
September 30 + 65

Welcome to Aperture Laboratories.

September 30 + 38310


hobbies include:

  • playing video games
  • crying over video games
  • buying video game soundtracks
  • talking about video games
  • taking screenshots of video games
  • video games
September 30 + 1991

jandreparis replied to your post: plus-exp replied to your post: → take…

How could this happen to meeeee, I made my mistaaaaaaaakes, got no-where ruuuuuuun, and life goes ooooonn as I’m fadin’ awwaaaayyyyy

September 30 + 4

plus-exp replied to your post:

take me awaaaay, a secret plaaaace, a sweet escaaaape, take me awaaaay

That song will never be the same. Ten years from now, someone will play that song near me, and I’ll suddenly be trying to hide snort-laughter behind my hands.

September 30 + 5

jandreparis, plus-exp and I spent three hours in one campaign in L4D2 yesterday. We killed nearly five thousand zombies.

Good times, good times.

September 30 + 4