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Dishonoured, Tera, Fallout 3, FF VIII.

Let me share with you all my extreme frustration. My Internet has once again borked, and I have no idea what is going on. They were meant to send a tech guy out but now David has to call them up for some reason. >_<

I did finish fable 3 however, and did the 4th episode of TWDG (has anyone else noticed that its harder to get attached to characters now bc of so much shit that’s happened to poor clem? Idk, I wasn’t my usual bawling self with the episode except for some things), and the last ep for twau.

The downside is that I don’t know what game to play next, as I didn’t get many installed beforehand. Bah.

"You broke my sword!"

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Sword practice with Walter

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→ Elliot.
-dreamy sigh-



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"Allow me to wake your companion up first."

→ The Princess

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